Every business shares the same group of problems at certain levels.

One of the most frustrating problems is when your sales peak and nothing you do seems to move the needle.

It happens at each stage of business.

Remember this.

What got you to this point can’t take you to the next level.

Most businesses start out with very targeted ads with insane ROI, but these max out really fast.

They often target the hottest audience.

These are often your most loyal fans who would buy anything.

Once you exhaust this segment it is often easy to just bolt on more ad networks to grab more low hanging fruit.

The problem is if you are using Google, YouTube and Facebook, then you are reaching a large part of your potential buyers…which means you are already going to low hanging fruit.

The next segment is your warm audience who is problem aware.

They know they have a problem and are looking to solve it.

The ROI with this segment is not as great.

But it can still power a business to 7 figures in growth.

But this audience becomes saturated fast.

You have a few options.

One is to create a knock off product and run it through both audiences again.

This works great.

But creating a new product, brand and marketing can take time and you have no guarantee it’s going to work.

Or we can look at growing with cold traffic.

This is where people get out of their comfort zone.

Cold traffic doesn’t know you, like you or trust you.

What works for your hot and warm traffic isn’t going to cut it.

You need to have a completely different plan.

You need to step back and create a new buyer profile and be ready to test your offers on multiple segments until you find one that works.

But here is the problem.

You must have the cash flow to be able to test on a big enough scale to get results.

At this point you might need to have a clone of your funnel and try different hooks and big ideas until you find the combination that works.

This is nothing that can be done overnight.

You need a growth plan and you must design your split tests so you get compounding results.

A growth plan is your road map for what to test and when.

This is the fastest way to get back to growth.

Your road map tells you what your next steps are.

This way you don’t put the cart before the horse.

If your growth has plateaued and you want help creating a growth plan, click here and fill out this short form and I’ll get back to you.

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