We Will TRAIN your media buyer to world class status.

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Who do you hire to train the world’s best media buyers?

The year was 2012 and Agora Financial was looking to upgrade the skills of their marketing team. They faced one problem. Who do you hire to train the world’s best media buyers who are already generating 9 figures in sales?

After analyzing expert after expert, they came to the conclusion that Charles Kirkland stood out like a shining star as their best option. They flew Charles out to Baltimore to further the education of their master media buyers and paid him $15,000 for just 1 day of his time. This experience gave Charles a unique idea that has never been done before—AdCPR, the ultimate media buyer training solution.

Stop paying out revenue shares to media buyers.

Every media buyer who’s worth his or her salt demands a revenue share. This sounds fine at first, until your organization is paying out $30,000 or more per month to your media buyer. All the while, knowing you could afford four media buyers for the same price.

With AdCPR, you don’t have to sign with an established media buyer who only works with a revenue share. We will train up your current media buyer to world class status for you.

Worried about losing the best talent to competitors?

It can be horrifying when a CEO realizes that 90% of their marketing success is based on the output of a single media buyer. Trust us, they get offers all the time, and their attention may already be split between your organization and another.

Good news is we can take anyone in your organization and train them to be among the best media buyers in the world. Our track record speaks for itself.

What to do when the traffic stops flowing.

When a brand loses the key media buyer in their organization… Who will run the ads going forward?

When a brand loses access to a traffic channel they are totally dependent upon… How will they shift gears and open up new traffic channels in time to save the company?

The key is to create a safety net before you get into this situation. That’s where AdCPR comes in. Why go looking for new talent that demands a revenue share when we will train up anyone in your organization for you?

Text Charles Directly @ (843) 819-9963

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