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Jason Parker’s Copywriting Cheat Sheet: The 9-Part Sales Page Structure

Big Promise

Open up your sales page with a big promise. You can fully dimensionalize that promise and present it by “stringing together” a series of big sub-promises here. Your promise, and your sub-promises, must offer something new that the reader has never seen before. Offer a new way of doing something, a fresh way to get a specific outcome.

Big Proof

Surround and interweave your big promises with equally big proof elements. These proof elements should completely support and substantiate all of the claims from your big promises. You should never promise larger than your proof elements allow.


“Paint a vivid picture” of the problem. Go into granular detail on the exact pains and problems that your prospect is going through right now. Your goal here is to show empathy to gain trust, and also to “salt the wound” sort of speak. 


As Eugene Schwartz would say, now you “apply the salve that heals the wound”. The only reason why we “salted the wound” in the previous section was so that we can show a tailored solution to those very problems in this section. Simply match the problems you just stated with the features and benefits of your solution.

Future Pacing

Now your goal is to place images in your reader’s mind of the particular outcomes they will get when they start using your product. You want to show the immediate outcome and you can even future pace out their outcome over a week, a month, a year, or longer. This will build up emotional weight.

Value Building

Now you need to logically support the emotional weight you just built by building perceived value of your product. This is done by comparing the price of your product to the high price of other solutions that cost far more. This way, you show that your product can generate a similar outcome and for far less. This builds up the value of your product in their minds.


Tie a specific outcome they will get by using your product to the money back guarantee. Let’s say your product is a Keto supplement. You could say something like, “You must lose 10 pounds in the next 90 days or just contact us for your refund.” Use your guarantee to deliver a promise like this. Don’t use a weak guarantee that makes no promise.

The Alternative

Now do the opposite of the Future Pacing section. Here, you want to paint a picture in their mind of the outcome from not buying your product. Show how their life will progressively get worse, starting with all of the pain points in the Problem section.

Call To Action

You must tell them to order now. You might write, “To get X, Y, and Z BENEFIT, click the button below and order now.” Don’t be shy about this! When it comes time to make the sale, you must tell them to order right now to get the outcome they want.

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